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Vida detrás de la Muerte

Posted Monday 02 March 2020 Written by CarmenGloria

Son muchas las veces que vemos algo y nuestra percepcion selectiva nos oculta muchos detalles que tienen gran relevancia y que a simple vista no observamoc... Aqui vemos un cementerio, pero cuantos vieron las hermosas flores y las juguetonas abejitas que estan a su alrededor... A esto le llamo OBSERVACION ...

A note from Jools - Death Cafe reaches 10,000 events

Posted Saturday 18 January 2020 Written by Jools

Hi all,

I am delighted to share with you that January 2020 has seen us reach 10,000 events in 69 countries (and that's just those that have been listed on our website!)!!

When my brother Jon Underwood, the founder of Death Cafe, held the first Death Cafe in ...

Waiting to die for a long time

Posted Friday 03 January 2020 Written by helpplease

As the years have rolled on by, Life has got tougher. The fight that was once there has faded, It abruptly disappeared a few years ago, surfaced recently and is fading once more. 

I have tried to kill myself before and want to die but want to die through the ...


Posted Monday 11 November 2019 Written by MikeLee

After many years of suffering miserably from an undiagnosed case of severe thanatophobia, when the mental health professionals finally nailed it down, relief was incredibly and wonderfuly sudden.  And so now that I'm feeling better, I want to share some humour about it.

What happens when we die?

Posted Wednesday 06 November 2019 Written by Mabmob

Please watch my video for a full explanation and discussion.


Dr. Burns

Starting a Death Cafe in Rutland VT

Posted Monday 28 October 2019 Written by NLSobotka

I just completed the UVM certificate End Of Life Doula program and hoping to orgranize a monthly Death Cafe in Rutland, VT, my hometown.

I would love a little direction, maybe a EOL Doula/Death Cafe mentor, to guide me as to organizing a successful Death Cafe...and the pitfalls ...

Till death do us part!

Posted Thursday 26 September 2019 Written by Sonalimantoo

Death. Mortality. End of Life. Something inevitable, yet rarely discussed and a source of intense discomfort for most. When mentioned, it is considered inauspicious and rude in many cultures. Death is an integral part of the workday for a Critical Care Physician like me. But it was never a topic ...

The last few moments with my father

Posted Sunday 15 September 2019 Written by Bansree04

Losing my hurt how a rock cracks open. The silence of my heart breaking was deafening. The pain was numbing and my breathe was shallow. But then there came a voice from within that said, 'this is for the best', I shattered as I realize how true it was. i ...

'' The dead are with us ''

Posted Thursday 15 August 2019 Written by

 I would like to share with you, The following paragraphs are taken from a lecture by Rudolf Steiner made over a hundred years ago. This lecture is available as a small book titled ‘ The Dead are with Us’ by Sophia Books. Or it can be obtained as a part of ...

Looking At Your Own Mortality

Posted Tuesday 16 July 2019 Written by yanaec

Dealing with your own mortality can be a challenging prospect, but approaching death doesn’t have to be an unpleasant or deeply distressing experience. With the right support and care, this sacred journey can be calm, peaceful and tranquil.


Although death is the only certainty in life, it can be ...

"What is it like to die" By Alan Watts - Part 1

Posted Thursday 13 June 2019 Written by Shaheda

(PART 1)

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of death as far back as I can remember, from earliest childhood. You may think that’s kind of morbid, but when a child at night says the phrase If I should die before I wake, there’s something about ...

Krishnamurti to Himself - 1984

Posted Thursday 06 June 2019 Written by Ohaka

WALKING DOWN THE straight road on a lovely morning, it was spring, and the sky was extraordinarily blue; there wasn't a cloud in it, and the sun was just warm, not too hot. It felt nice. And the leaves were shining and a sparkle was in the air. It ...

Studies on Death & Dying

Posted Tuesday 04 June 2019 Written by Shaheda

Although preservation of life is medicine’s central goal, ultimately however, death is an unavoidable outcome. In the last decade, there has been a tremendous increase in nursing homes, assisted living homes, long-term care centers, along with a very significant increase in older people living alone in their own homes ...


Posted Friday 24 May 2019 Written by Lloydd

am grateful for so much since finding my way into my current headspace.  I am not overly sure I knew just how grateful I would become for all that life promises until recent events.  I have heard countless stories, believed in everything, seen the results with my own ...

The Unique Pain of Anticipatory Grief

Posted Sunday 21 April 2019 Written by JacobBrown

We all thing of grief and mourning as the process that comes after a death.  But, there is an even longer mourning period that comes before the loved one’s death.  The grief process we go through leading up to a loved one’s death is usually referred to as ...

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