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Organ donation after death

Posted Friday 30 March 2018 Written by

Death can be a new beginning and knowing in life your organs will not be wasted brings comfort and pride, in giving this gift you are receiving a gift of saving lives.

Right now across the UK, there are around 6,500 people in need of an organ transplant, including ...

Death,no heart

Posted Tuesday 13 March 2018 Written by win4whole

Dead and death,I scare.

I do believe when the time come,we will release.

I knew dead the time when I saw people not move,heart stop,face change,body that cold.

That my grandmother,I was 17 years old,he passed away,and she stun for few day ...

Feature Film Project - Death Rituals

Posted Friday 02 February 2018 Written by alice++

Hi there, 


It's great to find this beautiful resource and see what everyone else is up to. Super inspiring. I am making a feature film about death rituals with my partner -- here's a little bit about the project. If you'de like to get in touch at all ...


Posted Wednesday 31 January 2018 Written by therealamjt



Death is very underrated. Age is the number that shows how close we are to death or how less it is to the inevitable death. Death is the destination that everyone shares, there’s no stopping it. Life is not a game. It was never a game. If it is ...

16-28 year old UK Death Cafe hosts/facilitators for BBC radio programme

Posted Monday 08 January 2018 Written by Chelsea

Hi everyone,

I produced a programme about Death Cafes for the World Service last year - - and having received such a positive response, I'm keen to bring Jon's work and the death cafe movement to other BBC audiences.

Therefore, I'm currently ...

Connecting the Death Cafe Dots in Austria

Posted Monday 13 November 2017 Written by aderieg


Death Cafe came relatively early to Austria. Jella Jost’s motivation for initiating the first Death Cafe in Vienna, however, had less to do with Vienna’s reputation for being a rather morbid city, but more with her personal experience with her mother’s death. When she came across Jon ...

Your Death Cafe Experience

Posted Monday 06 November 2017 Written by earlck

Thank you to everyone that gave their response for my research. The survey is now closed. 

Cake and Karma at the Death Cafe

Posted Tuesday 24 October 2017 Written by msanders13

What better way to commemorate 9/11 than to gather with a group of barefooted strangers to sip tea and talk about death?

My friend Dorothy and I decided to check out a Death Cafe. I have mentioned these in an earlier post.  Held globally, they provide an opportunity for ...

The Jury Is Still Out.

Posted Monday 23 October 2017 Written by HopeO

The conversation started out revolving around faith and for some others, a lack of it.

There were recounts of near-death experiences and in one particular recount, the subject had been unconscious for 3 days, throwing his family into a distraught state so much so that, as he said, after ...

Celebration of Life or Denial of Death?

Posted Friday 13 October 2017 Written by linda

People are often surprised when they learn of my love-hate relationship with the term “Celebration of Life.”

"But you're a Celebrant!" they say. "Doesn't that mean you like to celebrate?"

Well, yes...and no. It depends. 

Let’s take a look at Google’s definition of the word ...

Death Cafe in Ubud, Bali Area

Posted Friday 29 September 2017 Written by smudgetoby

Interested in attending a death cafe meeting in the Ubud, Bali Indonesia area in the first 2 weeks of March 2018. Any planned?

B. H.


When I Imagine Death as a Woman

Posted Saturday 09 September 2017 Written by estrayer

Looking at death as being a woman came to me the other day when I ran across some pictures of death as a woman. I typically think of the same old image of a man in a robe and hood with a scythe. He is behind or beside some poor ...

Death Is A Hard Sell

Posted Tuesday 05 September 2017 Written by dr_dick

Death is a hard sell in our death-denying culture.  Yet, each of the people I encountered recently will, in time, face the end of their life.  That’s a given.  The big question is; will they have the time or even the inclination to face their mortality in a way ...

A Student of Death

Posted Thursday 17 August 2017 Written by dr_dick


 “I want to celebrate my belief that living well and dying well are one and the same thing.  I’m not talking about adjusting deathbed pillows so that dying people can strike heroic poses for the edification of onlookers.  I’m talking about achieving a good death in the context ...

From Birth To Death: The Four Phases Of Life From An Ancestral Perspective

Posted Thursday 10 August 2017 Written by ash_stevens

The politicians and citizens of America proclaim that America is the greatest country in all the world. But take a look at our country’s rates of depression, drug abuse, disease, and incarceration and we see a side of America that isn’t so great.


Modern times have made life ...

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