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why death is a taboo?!

Posted Saturday 30 October 2021 Written by Doaa

Hello! I am a Doaa and I love to talk about “death” from all angles and "point of views"! Death is a rich topic that raises a lot of different opinions and "fears"! One of the most interesting things, neuroscientifly speaking, is that about our "survival" mechanism! We, as a ...

Getting over the name

Posted Friday 22 October 2021 Written by griefwellies

Now more than ever we are aware of how easily life can change. The Pandemic has taught us many things and thrown us in urgent discussions around death and dying that we probably never thought we would. Most of you probably think you get it, you understand it, you know ...

So long!

Posted Friday 08 October 2021 Written by josefine

Dear all,

I hope you are well.
After 9 years of Death Cafes I have decided it is time for me to step back.
November and December will be the last monthly Death Cafes I am hosting.
Thank you all for inspiring conversations and time we shared over these past ...

What does it mean to learn?

Posted Sunday 18 July 2021 Written by

I just watched New York Syndicate, and it's making me feel closer to the reality of death. Today was a day with many thoughts and emotions and fears. None of them had to do with death however. What is the meaning of life? Is there a meaning to my ...

To facilitate or to join in?

Posted Sunday 23 May 2021 Written by deathcafewirral

I've run a few Death Cafe events over the past couple of years both in person before the pandemic and online afterwards.

This blog post isn't so much a post imparting wisdom but a question to others running Death Cafe events on their experience with being the facilitator ...

6 signs of the dead souls

Posted Monday 17 May 2021 Written by elmaya


When a loved one dies, the relatives are grieved. And sometimes the bereaved wonder if there is life after death. Is this soul well and where is it now? The bereaved are only too happy to wish for a sign from the afterlife. A token of the deceased person and ...

Seshendra Sharma : Story Of Life : 1927 - 2007

Posted Monday 17 May 2021 Written by saatyaki

Visionary Poet of the Millennium

An Indian poet Prophet

Seshendra Sharma

October 20th, 1927 - May 30th, 2007


eBooks :


Rivers and poets
Are veins and arteries
Of a country.
Rivers flow ...

Just what is life and what is its connection to death?

Posted Monday 03 May 2021 Written by TravellingStrawberry

Do dreams exist beyond life and death. Or are they some blending of the two. An interesting question is posed.

How do you know if you are even alive at all? Let me try to break it down. What is life? From what I understand life is a cooperation of ...

Self hatred and depression

Posted Saturday 17 April 2021 Written by K1tty

Hello, i am 16 and I've been wanting to talk about suicide for a long time. I fear that if i do i will be ridiculed by others. I don't know where to start. I used to workout to become more likeable. It did help become me more ...

the way i wish to die

Posted Thursday 08 April 2021 Written by ethan


If you had to choose the way that you would die, how would you choose for it to happen?

the way i wish to die

Posted Monday 05 April 2021 Written by ethan

please share the way you wish to die when time comes

Remembering Sherry Gilles

Posted Sunday 14 March 2021 Written by Jools

We were so sad to hear about the death of our friend and long-standing Death Cafe supporter, Sherry Gilles, on 1st March 2021. 

After taking over Death Cafe following the death of Jon Underwood in 2017, Sherry was one of the first Death Cafe hosts that got in touch, and ...

Benefits of an online death café

Posted Monday 08 February 2021 Written by MallorcaDeathCafe

At the online Death Café held recently, we were 14 curious souls who gathered from the comfort of our homes to share reflections, experiences, thoughts and more.  The majority of attendees have attended many a Death Café in the past and those who live in Mallorca would have attended in ...

Newbie and other info

Posted Saturday 30 January 2021 Written by ElLoco

Just joined, looking forward to information, interaction, and a peaceful death.  I use humor incessantly; you have been warned.

Have a website dedicated to a similar subject where you cannot post, but can read, at .

Thanks for letting me join, I think.

"El Loco"


Michael McCaffery


Posted Sunday 24 January 2021 Written by Sugarbat



I wanted to be dead by forty. 

Instead, here I am

alive and breathing

silently seething,

dead inside alive


I wanted to be dead by thirty.

A wish that could've been granted

instead I ran.

Alive and battered,

shorn and shattered

A darker shadow than before. 


I wanted ...

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