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Death Cafe in a primary school

Posted Friday 04 August 2017 Written by sneharooh

What happens when children sit in a death cafe? what happens when their learning companions are with them and are exploring the emotions aroud death with them? I got the opportunity to facilitate this important Death Cafe at an alternative learning space in the city of Hyderabad called Vision Rainbow ...

Death anxiety and death cafes

Posted Sunday 30 July 2017 Written by CarolineDent

Following the recent and sudden death of Jon Underwood, I wanted to write something on a personal level about Death Cafe and it's life changing importance. Please feel free to share. (NB : the young woman mentioned in the piece gave me her express permission to publish this) :

It was ...

Before Jon's funeral - words from Jon's mother-in-law Carol

Posted Wednesday 05 July 2017 Written by Jools

A tribute to my lovely son-in-law Jon Underwood


You were a special person but it's only now you're gone I realise how special a person you really were.


I was quite intolerant of Death Cafe because I didn't understand it. I'm afraid to say you can ...

Funeral for Death Cafe pioneer Jon Underwood breaks new ground

Posted Monday 03 July 2017 Written by Jools

Jon’s family have been overwhelmed by the love and support they have received from the Death Cafe community following Jon’s sudden death this week.


As we have read in so many of the beautiful tributes that have poured in over the last few days, Jon’s work was ...

Bardo gates a new visitor

Posted Friday 30 June 2017 Written by Saidosio

We ask that a breath and a pause and a bow be taken, wishing Jon prostrations on his journey.

Jon early on supported our Asheville Death Cafe and I enjoyed his tremendous impact in carrying out his vision

Message from Jon's friend Mark and how to help

Posted Thursday 29 June 2017 Written by MarkMorris

As an old friend of both Jon and Donna, and Jon's best man at their wedding, I also wanted to share my feelings with this wonderful community, after his tragic death at the age of 44.

In 2011, Jon came to ask for the help of his family and ...

A message from Donna Molloy, Jon Underwood’s wife

Posted Wednesday 28 June 2017 Written by Jools

As you all know the objective of Death Cafe is helping us all 'make the most of our finite lives'. With shocking poignancy on Sunday 25th June we experienced the finiteness of life at its most brutal. And more specifically the finiteness of the life of Jon Underwood, founder of ...

Current Readings I Thought to Share

Posted Tuesday 16 May 2017 Written by estrayer


"I hope the end is joyful - and I hope never to come back"
                                  ~Frida Kahlo,
1954,  just before she died at age 47.

I have been diagnosed with an illness that appears incurable short of a lung transplant. Bummer. The transplant solution itself is uncertain and ...

What do people talk about at a Death Cafe?

Posted Wednesday 03 May 2017 Written by aderieg


The Death Cafe in Linz, Austria, “Mit dem Tod bei Kaffee und Kuchen”, has been taking place every month since November 2015. Sometimes the group is small, only about seven or eight people, but sometimes there are more than twenty participants, although the average is about ten to fifteen. Ages ...

Because I could not stop for Death

Posted Friday 07 April 2017 Written by Fustbariclation

Because I could not stop for Death 

Emily Dickinson1830 - 1886

Because I could not stop for Death – 
He kindly stopped for me –  
The Carriage held but just Ourselves –  
And Immortality.

We slowly drove – He knew no haste
And I had put away
My labor and my leisure too,
For ...

The Exeter Death Cafe

Posted Sunday 02 April 2017 Written by


Gina Awad and Aly Dickinson love hosting Death Cafes. We do, we do!  We joined forces in 2015 to run the first Exeter Death Café.  It ...

Three Thought-Provoking Death Practices From Around The World

Posted Thursday 30 March 2017 Written by ash_stevens

The ideology of death is a fascinating thing. It may seem that there is only one way of viewing it and conducting the process, but the ideas we’re immersed in are not universal. The beliefs and practices surrounding death will vary by country, culture, region, and religion/philosophy. At ...

Grief is an aspect of love - an haiku

Posted Tuesday 14 March 2017 Written by Fustbariclation

Spring flows life to love’s
warm-season-flow. Death, to love’s,
cold, deep-winter-flow. 



To My Unborn Child : a mother writes.

Posted Wednesday 01 March 2017 Written by Arusha

i was my mother’s only child, and she almost died giving birth to me.
we were best friends. the kind that bicker & argue all the time.
we were also so incredibly stubborn.

my mother died in 2013, when i was 32 years old.
we had just spent 18 months ...

Two years is nothing when you’ve lost your mum

Posted Wednesday 01 March 2017 Written by kiranaldridge

Two years on I see my mother's untimely death as a defining moment in my life; it has changed me, shaped me, taken away any innocence, swamped me, it has filled my mind, taken my heart hostage and changed the past. I say it has changed the past because ...

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