Condemned to suffer

Posted by Broken-heart

I believe I came across this blog for a reason. I hate everything that the media has potraid as love. I want to die, I dont wanna die. I want Love, I can't find love.

Somehow deep down in my heart, all the struggles of financial stability and health can't be instigators to push me off the cliff. But finding unfaithful, superficial, dishonest, heartless woman. Makes me feel really lost and lonely. Because I LOVE to LOVE. I am not meeting a single discent person who would love me, and allow me to love her back. And grow together and maybe have kids and a home, not just a house.

Going through most of the blogs, maybe made me realize I'm not the only one condemned and marked in this MATRIX/ FUGAZY of life. 

If there is GOD, he is really heartless