Ernest Becker Foundation - a shared legacy

Hello, Death Cafe Community,

I'm writing to share some heartfelt news that has recently touched the Death Cafe movement deeply. We have received a generous donation from the Ernest Becker Foundation, a gesture that resonates profoundly with our work and mission.

The Ernest Becker Foundation, known for its dedication to exploring the intersection of death and human behavior, has chosen to support Death Cafe as they close their doors. Their work, inspired by Ernest Becker's exploration of how the awareness of death profoundly influences human life, aligns closely with our mission at Death Cafe – fostering open conversations about death and dying.

This donation arrives at a particularly opportune time. As a final year medical student without an income, I have been funding most of our outgoings. The foundation's generosity provides us with much-needed financial flexibility. This means we can invest more time and resources into developing our website and even exploring new ventures like Death Cafe merchandise.

In the spirit of the foundation's work and Ernest Becker’s legacy, we are reminded of the importance of understanding our relationship with mortality. It is a theme that has always been central to our discussions at Death Cafe.

We will ensure this generous gift is used thoughtfully, respecting the foundation's legacy and the Death Cafe community's needs. The funds will help us continue creating spaces where talking about death and dying is not only acceptable but encouraged – all within the comforting presence of tea and cake.

To the Ernest Becker Foundation, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your support not only honours Ernest Becker's significant contributions but also reinforces the vital nature of our conversations at Death Cafe.

We also want to share that the foundation's resources, including webinars, newsletters, interviews, and educational materials, will continue to be accessible at These resources provide invaluable insights into the human condition, mortality, and the legacy of Ernest Becker’s work.

As we continue our journey at Death Cafe, we carry forward the shared legacy of understanding death's role in life, inspired by the contributions of the Ernest Becker Foundation.

With immense appreciation,