Toxic Stress 15x Higher Suicide Rates /Child of a Violent Alcoholic

Posted by PSiloveyou

I am not here to state whether someone's opinions on Dying are right or wrong? If spiritually death is peace to the soul who else is to judge but oneself. Only you know if you can make it through life much longer. How many secrets do you hold? 
If I revealed to you my face you would never know the mental pain and agony I have struggled with since a child. At 10 I was already suicidal. I was a dancing champion with my team , with a love for music . At my weakest point someone I loved put me through a dangerous situation till this day I am bruised from. Last year I had a rare terminal cancer and lacking the social or family support it broke me even more. My relations were perfect until I had no sex and no partner overtime it made me mad and upset . You can read and attempt to speak or heal but I assure you. Only the person in there own body understands and maybe the immediate surroundings on why. Looks can be decieving .

going peacefully is a great option In my eyes . And I cannot wait till dying with dignity becomes an option. 
having a loving partner would be amazing but it appears I live in a town where most men are


to the other men. And the only man who supposedly love me only gets me to "use me" and is "surrounded by stars all

day" when I have nothing. He also didn't believe in me becoming an Artist.

everything is to late now and as I age my exhaustio, heartbroken, financially doing What I dislike for money. 
toxic stress leaves people 15x at higher suicide rates esp. when they don't have the love

and support needed from a spouse or partner in real life

.going peacefully sounds amazing to me and I'm sure other like Minded people who get it.

Candy and nature cheer me up