I fear death all the time for 40 years

Posted by anngottesman

I came across some undated blog posts with comments but couldn't find a way to add a comment so I'm posting this hoping some of those who posted about their fear of death (thanataphobia) will see this post. I've been living with  this horrible fear since the age of about 7. I'm now 48. I enjoy life but can't stop thinking about the fact I will  die and everyone I love will too. When I look at the stars or read  about science and astronomy I'm in awe as well as in fear regarding the immense expanse of time and space, how small and vulnerable we and are planet are and the fact that I will not exist for an eternity.  of course we all know that if we die and our consciousness goes with us, we  won't be there to "suffer" or experience our nonexistence. That's no comfort to me. It disturbs me while I'm alive to know  I'll die and  all of what was me and my body will decay and die, and time will bury me like a vast ocean atop a grain of sand. :(

One blogger mentioned she was in Los Angeles and wondered if any one else was. I am!! Can we form a little in person group? Online groups don't do it for me. I want to have  someone to talk to and commiserate in person with.