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"What is it like to die" By Alan Watts - Part 1

Posted Thursday 13 June 2019 Written by Shaheda

(PART 1)

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of death as far back as I can remember, from earliest childhood. You may think that’s kind of morbid, but when a child at night says the phrase If I should die before I wake, there’s something about ...

Krishnamurti to Himself - 1984

Posted Thursday 06 June 2019 Written by Ohaka

WALKING DOWN THE straight road on a lovely morning, it was spring, and the sky was extraordinarily blue; there wasn't a cloud in it, and the sun was just warm, not too hot. It felt nice. And the leaves were shining and a sparkle was in the air. It ...

Studies on Death & Dying

Posted Tuesday 04 June 2019 Written by Shaheda

Although preservation of life is medicine’s central goal, ultimately however, death is an unavoidable outcome. In the last decade, there has been a tremendous increase in nursing homes, assisted living homes, long-term care centers, along with a very significant increase in older people living alone in their own homes ...


Posted Friday 24 May 2019 Written by Lloydd

am grateful for so much since finding my way into my current headspace.  I am not overly sure I knew just how grateful I would become for all that life promises until recent events.  I have heard countless stories, believed in everything, seen the results with my own ...

The Unique Pain of Anticipatory Grief

Posted Sunday 21 April 2019 Written by JacobBrown

We all thing of grief and mourning as the process that comes after a death.  But, there is an even longer mourning period that comes before the loved one’s death.  The grief process we go through leading up to a loved one’s death is usually referred to as ...

Remove religion out of the equation

Posted Thursday 11 April 2019 Written by luizcarlos

Lots of people still equate life after death with religion. Does life after death have to have anything to do with religion? I think we will only be able to understand and prove/accept life after death  when we fully realize that it has nothing whatsoever to do with religion ...

Death cafe en Donostia

Posted Tuesday 09 April 2019 Written by AmaiaGozategi

Gracias a todas las personas que os acercasteis al Death Cafe de Donostia-Euskadi (SPAIN) el pasado mes de Febrero.
Encuentros desde esa COMPASION que nos une .



Mandalara Taldea

A week to go

Posted Thursday 14 March 2019 Written by bobpw

It is both strange and interesting to look forward to a shared conversation about death, in particular with an unknown configuration of family, friends, neighbours and strangers who have yet to give shape to that group and its discussion.  Who will come? Why or why not? Will there be enough ...

Dealing with the worst life experience: death of a loved one

Posted Wednesday 13 March 2019 Written by shirawinget

Life is filled with all sorts of ups and downs. However, one of the worst experiences in one’s life is the loss of a loved one. The scar that this experience leaves in person’s mind never fades away. It is one of the most depressing experiences. If a ...—Transforming the fear of dying into the happiness of living

Posted Tuesday 12 March 2019 Written by

We are based in San Jose, CA, USA and we are starting an art project called "Mementomorium—Transforming the fear of dying into the happiness of living".

The idea is to induce a deathbed-like experience through a short-term session in a sensory deprivation casket (a dark, quiet, and cushioned chamber ...

On death and dying

Posted Thursday 28 February 2019 Written by Drewski

I came home a short while ago from a night shift in a care home for the elderly and mentally ill. 

My last three hours were with a man called Ken. A year ago he was the life and soul of the unit, so I’m told. Now 90% of ...

East York Death Cafe - but why?

Posted Friday 15 February 2019 Written by bobpw

Our first Death Cafe at Woodbine Heights is still 5 weeks away, but I'm already thinking about it, pretty constantly.

This is partly due to the seeming incongruity of hosting a gathering to talk about death in a religious institution that is apparently supposed to focus on life, both ...

The challenges of talking about Death when you are young

Posted Tuesday 29 January 2019 Written by fuzeceremonies

When I was in my early 20's my young sister died.  People are not meant to die when they are 15.  I though only old people died.  It was incredibly difficult to talk to my friends about this.  They didn't know what to say to me.  Some avoided ...

Thoughts on Death and Dying

Posted Sunday 27 January 2019 Written by

Generally, in our day-to-day lives, death and dying is not a common topic of conversation. In our fumblings and mumblings when we do try to talk about death and dying - or listen to someone else who wants to talk about it - we're just not very good at it in ...

End of Life and the Search for Meaning

Posted Monday 24 December 2018 Written by JacobBrown

The search for meaning

Many, if not most, terminally ill patients experience a crisis of meaning as they approach the end of their lives.  They are often racked with feelings of inadequacy and regret.  Torturing themselves with existential questions focused on “What did I accomplish?”, “What did I really do ...

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