Death Cafe Patrons

Death Cafe is run by volunteers, and we are lucky enough to have a small group of generous patrons who help us to continue to make Death Cafe viable. A huge thank you to all of the individuals listed below.

If you're interested in finding out more about our Patreon campaign and would like to be on this list of thank yous, click here.


Thanks to all the Patreon supporters listed below:

  • Alexandra Kleinheinz
  • Alistair Reid
  • Barbara Sarah for the Death Cafe Westchester Community
  • Benedicte Schoepflin
  • Carol Drebin
  • Cat Martin
  • Cheryl Gilles
  • Devon Weaver
  • Emily Watkins
  • Erik Steinki
  • Helen Limon
  • Joanne M Martin
  • Karen Schweiger
  • Karen Tschorn
  • Kaye M. Reeves
  • Kim Pearson
  • Kira Hyde
  • Laurel Miller and the Ashland, Oregon Death Cafe Team
  • Lisa Archibald
  • Mark LaRocca-Pitts
  • Marlise Richter
  • Peter Barrett
  • Ruth Boydell
  • Sharon Crowell
  • Susan Barsky Reid
  • Tawnya Musser
  • Tulare County Library


Thanks also to the following people, who have supported us with donations:

  • Janet Rivers