To facilitate or to join in?

I've run a few Death Cafe events over the past couple of years both in person before the pandemic and online afterwards.

This blog post isn't so much a post imparting wisdom but a question to others running Death Cafe events on their experience with being the facilitator. 

Depending on numbers of attendees and how I've personally felt at the time, I've sometimes joined in as a participant in the conversations around death but at other times have remained on the outside, mindful of needing to be available to anyone who might want to ask me anything. So far I've never been required by anyone and my duties at the events have been  restricted to a brief welcome and introduction at the beginning and a timely closing at the end.

I wondered what the experience of other facilitators was and if people felt it better to take part in the conversations or not.

I'd be really grateful to hear anyone's experiences.

Many thanks. 


Martin Poole 

Death Cafe Wirral 


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