why death is a taboo?!

Posted by Doaa

Hello! I am a Doaa and I love to talk about “death” from all angles and "point of views"! Death is a rich topic that raises a lot of different opinions and "fears"! One of the most interesting things, neuroscientifly speaking, is that about our "survival" mechanism! We, as a species, hate the idea of "death"! Because we have to give life "more of us" and death does not serve this most important evolutionary goal! so, to solve this problem, we, as socities, have to educate people that "death" is like "sex" we don't have to do it for the resons that we meant, evolotionary speaking, to do it for! so, as we can have sex for the just pleasure of it, we also can choose to die for the just "pleasure" of not being alive! or for reaching the end value of "living", or for wanting to make sure that you end "living" in the most peaceful and beautiful way possible before its too late, or whatever the heck is your reason is, for the just freedom of choise! no one got to choose to be born, to "live" at least we have to be civilized enough to help who chooses to die, to do so peacefully! that's the most important thing that civilization has to offer to humanity in my opinion! the right if dying peacefully whenever you decide is the right time for you!