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About Martin Poole:

I've always been interested in people. I've spent the first half of my life working as a theatre director, producer and actor. This means that I have spent many happy hours telling the stories of people and their relationships to each other, whilst trying to understand what drives and motivates them.

Now in mid-life, my desire to help and understand people deepens. I now work as a Funeral Celebrant, creating and conducting personal civil ceremonies for funerals, memorials and celebrations of life. I also help people to pre-plan their own funeral, which often gives great comfort to their family and friends by removing the burden of choice so often placed upon them. The family can be certain that the ceremony will be carried out to their loved one's wishes.

I am also currently training to be a counsellor / psychotherapist.

What brings you to Death Cafe?

As a member of the human race I can't help but ponder on our existence and of course I have thought about my own death. I'm still fascinated with our general inadaquacy to talk about death and feel that in general our fear of it means that we avoid the subject completely. I genuinely feel, however, that by talking about death we can alleviate the fear and come to accept that which is inevitable. Once we do that, I believe we can truly live our lives in a happier and more comfortable frame of mind.

What would you like your legacy to be?

I'm not certain that I particularly feel the need to leave any sort of legacy behind.

I'd like to think that I will have done more good things than bad in my lifetime and I'm quite happy to slip away when the time comes and to be forgotten.

Thoughts for sharing:

For me, life comes and one day it will go. I'm just trying to make the best of it while I'm here.

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