Another busy gathering at Kendal Death Cafe

A write up of Kendal Death Cafe

By Mitzi

This meeting was the first since the death of my father and I was a bit apprehensive that I would find it rather overwhelming.  Not a bit of it.  I was able to talk freely about my feelings and reminisce with my group about the time I attended the Kendal Death Cafe with my father.  Whilst the meeting was scheduled to start at 6 pm, people kept arriving and there were more than 20 of us by the end. It was lovely to see some familiar faces and to meet with new people. We divided up into three groups and my group (of 8) were able to chat about a whole range of subjects including, for example, the death of a child, the Threshold Choir's 'work' of singing with the terminally ill, experiences of being with the dying who were deemed to have either a 'good' death or unfortunately not.  Towards the end of the meeting at about 7.30 pm, our group began discussing some of the more humourous aspects that surround the subject of death along the lines of the late Dave Allen's comedy sketches. It was an uplifting way to end the evening.  A big thank you to Susie and Jane for organising this meeting and lovely to know that the Kendal Death Cafe seems to be flourishing. Already looking forward to the next gathering.

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