Death Cafe Vitoria Gasteiz

On the 1st December we had the most wonderful morning in mamia bakery. A beautiful large wooden table filled with warm coffee and cake and 16 wonderful, brave and adventurous people. This was the first ever death cafe in the Basque Region of Spain and we the organisers were slightly worried at the prospect that very possibly the idea of talking about death openly may not be quite as easy as it sounds. But to our wonderful surprise we had a fantastic, inspiring and emotional morning. Topics discussed were as varied from films and books to dreams, what happens after death, personal experiences of death and how this changed perspectives. Why talking about death is taboo and the role of religion and spirituality. All in all it was a great first death cafe and to note that 4 people of the 16 were deaf and they came with an interperter to who we are very thankful because it gave us a perspective that we do not see often. The group was very varied form retired people to students and although the majority were women there were also men in the group.

We are planning the second and already have a waiting list, so thankyou death cafe for this initiative it was truely a wonderful experience.

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