Death Cafe @ Forest Gate

On Monday the 10th November, Death Cafe arrived at Forest Gate East London. 

 I have attended a few Death Cafe's over the last couple of years and I've been humbled by their ability to create a beautiful space, where real honesty and courage are present.

But the thing i love, is you really don't know where the conversation will lead, everyone brings something unique to the party. Not quite bring a bottle, but you know what I mean.

One by one the small group of intrepid existential explorers shared  their thoughts and experiences.

We talked about looking after dying parents before and after their death, laying side by side with them, the intimate complexity of suicide, cultural expectations, normalising and normalisation of death as a result of Death Cafe.

Reading back over what i have written, i am aware how inadequate these few lines are to sum up a Death Cafe and can only say thank you to all that attended. 

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