Tea & Cake & Death

Orlando Florida’s first Death Cafe was held on Saturday May 17th. On a rare, beautiful spring-like day when temperatures are usually soaring, eleven people sought each other out to explore various thoughts surrounding their own mortality and discuss that aeons old Lurker, Death. For some Death was a familiar notion, and were well acquainted with it.  They shared their stories, their wisdom, their insights.  For others, Death was a stranger, a more abstract idea, and around this they expressed their expectations and their fears.  Conversation was lively, punctuated by bursts of laughter and quieter chuckles of mirth - as well as, small silences and pauses for reflection.  Topics ran the gamut, ranging from one’s first awareness of one’s own mortality, to the wish to be present (or not) when loved one has passed, from writing one’s own eulogy, to the decline of obituaries, and what to do with a parent’s remains when they have made no last wishes? In addition to the pieces of themselves that everyone shared, most all attendees brought delicious treats to the events, which were well received.  As expected, cosying up so closely with Death for an afternoon leaves a soul a mite peckish. :)

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