Death Cafe North Canterbury, Rangiora

It was a cold day today and Rangiora’s meeting room is such a great venue for Death Café. We had a small group today, just four of us, all women – and one returning attendee and her friend, awesome, I love the country grapevine!

We were quite explorative and thoughtful today – one of us talked about living in a close Māori community for 10 years and how well the tangihanga gives grief time, space, a process, and a community.

I mentioned too that I had been to the Grief Centre’s ‘Let’s talk about Grief’ conference in Auckland on Friday, we explored the theme and complexities of suicide grief, which led us to then discuss grief when someone has died but there has been no body.

We then drew the kōrero back to us and the 90 minutes together – we all felt quite grateful for the chance to talk.

Until again, Liz

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