Myrtle Beach Death Cafe

A write up of Myrtle Beach Death Cafe


Myrtle Beach hosted its inaugural Death Cafe at Old Town Crepes last night (Monday, May 20, 2024), drawing an intimate group of eight attendees. The evening was marked by lively and enriching conversations as participants delved into personal experiences and thought-provoking questions about life, death and dying.

From the very beginning, the group’s engagement was evident, with no awkward pauses or lulls in discussion. Despite being strangers at the start, the attendees quickly bonded, exchanging nods, smiles, and even hugs by the end of the night.

The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, thanks in part to the delicious homemade cake, cookies, and beverages generously provided by Tanya, the owner of Old Town Crepes. The event proved to be a heartfelt success, embodying the true spirit of Death Cafes—creating a space for open and honest dialogue about life’s most profound topic.



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