A write up of Glasgow Death Cafe

By Bob Stoner

No the bread hadn't gone mouldy. It is wonderful when our conversations can include multiple cultures and how they can change our perspective. So, today from UK and Chinese cultures, we saw the way that humour rarely gets a look in when talking about death - until you get to a Death Cafe. We noticed that it can be a great release to possibly write a letter to the deceased, explaining the differences from the past, and possibly burning it and put that into the grave. We, again, wondered whether it was a good idea to cover the coffin with the lid as although we could see our loved one, and that their appearance had changed, it also confirmed that they had died, they were gone. It might just help with the grief process. And we laughed over the idea of a video eulogy, made by the deceased; whether we could have a party prior to the funeral where we could be present, and show them things we so valued, like leather trousers... Of course, we would also be present at our own funeral, wouldn't we...

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