Death Café North Canterbury, Amberley

Death Café North Canterbury took place for the first time in Amberley last month (23.04.2023) with myself and Mark as your facilitators. We had a record number of bookings (ok, so we didn’t make double figures but hey, it’s early days!) We did set a small record though – we had more men than women this time.

The cake, chocolates, conversation, kōrero and sense of community was special, our themes traversed accepting ‘bad and sad’ news, palliative care options and end of life choice law and decision-making; looking back in time and how death was talked about (or not) in the past.  


It was a good hearty discussion which left us with a sense of sharing some of life’s deeper thoughts.


Onwards and upwards, see you in Kaiapoi in May (21st, 1.30pm)



Stay well and warm; and keep talking, Liz :)


Kaiapoi Library 1.30 pm: May 21st, August 20th, November 19th

Rangiora Library 1.30 pm: June 18th, September 17th

Amberley Library 2 pm: July 16th, October 15th  

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