Apologize, Love Well, Risk Hell, Share Sincerely Across Generations, Let it All Go to Begin Again

We are living in a degrading world where panic and paranoia seems to have seeped in everywhere like a fine mist. In the United States, we are at imminent risk of losing our democratic union. Experientially, it feels sudden and overwhelming. A recent Café goer shared his heartfelt desire to apologize to young people, that our older generation is leaving them to inherit a big mess of things. He’s found apology to be powerful, and I’ll add forgiveness of ourselves, as a great place to release the tensions so we can begin again. He added the timely suggestion that if we have fears, let’s be afraid of something that’s real.


Another attendee shared that with news of a grandchild on the way, she feels a sense of comfort in knowing that generations of others will come after her, a lineage of new life and new possibilities.


“Love Well, Risk Hell.” This favorite maxim of a good friend was shared, and how we love those! The closer we get to people, the harder the losses. Is it worth it? It’s up to us to decide. The wisdom of insight often comes with age, but certainly is not limited by it, that’s why sharing across generations in both directions is so very valuable.


Thanks Everyone and Thanks to the Death Café Movement for creating these rich and rewarding forums for meaningful conversation.


Be Well, Stay Strong, See you next time!

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