“Death is a wonderful motivator. It incentivizes me to live life as best as I possibly can.” “I want to die like my dog.” Well considered wisdom from recent Café goers. Thinking about our lives, how we may leave this life, and what others may say when we’re gone are some of the big questions that come up at Death Cafes. Reflecting on our thoughts about them in community can take courage and speaks of care for ourselves and others. Death Café’s as a safe respectful place to do this is a welcome respite for many.


“I want to leave a positive legacy…. not one that includes words like “worry wort or fussbudget.” If we wrote our own eulogy in this very moment what would it say? This happens in a documentary called “Laura’s Choice” as well as unpacking assisted death. Dying like our dog is a sentiment that’s come up at Café as we’ve shared the loss of beloved animal companions. Episode 9 of “Tomorrow,” (Netflix drama about suicide) explores a novel approach to what happens with a dog who is nearing his end and his person.


Choice is what it seems to come down to as nations grapple with laws surrounding birth and death, who has what “rights,” how and when, over our arriving and exiting this life. Who lives, who does not, who decides. There’s a lot in life where exercising choice is not an option, so where we can cultivate possibilities to do so, that in itself seems worth cherishing.

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