“I’m wearing my high heels every day!” A recent Café goer declared this in telling the story of how a stroke fueled her zest for life. After her father died, another attendee shared that she had repeated clear as day visits from him and other loved ones. We may think of death as something, well, dead, static and inert. That seems far from what we actually experience in death interactions. A brush with death can alter the course of our lives bringing laser clarity to how we wish to live, while death of loved ones can send tremors through our known worlds, and after death communications can literally blow our minds about the nature of reality.


Amazing media we shared. Books: Walking Each Other Home by Ram Dass, with related video event; The Future of the Mind and Parallel Worlds by Michio Kaku; Planting Gardens in Graves by r.h. Sin; Unthinkable by Jamie Raskin; Documentary: “Extremis,” with Dr. Jessica Zitter; TV (Netflix) Series “Tomorrow,” about suicide, Ep.6 A Soul Becomes A Star was discussed.

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