October Death Cafe Iowa

There were five people present at the Death Café Iowa this month! This month’s conversation centered more around older individuals and ideas of death. When people age they are realizing they are closer to death, one attendee mentioned their 51st high school reunion coming up and how that triggered them to think about growing older and the end of life. Members went on to talk about how important it is to make each day count, and that when saying goodbye to loved ones making sure they know their love for you because that could be your last moment with them.

The topic of death doulas is a popular topic for this group and this month the idea of having a death doula for the dying individual AND the family was brought up. Such a great idea to have support for the dying but also for their family who are experiencing change as well.


Such great conversation at this month’s Death Café. We cannot wait for Death Café Iowa in November!


Look forward to joining again

See you tonight. Jim Kirkpatrick

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