Death Cafe Hyde Meeting 1.0

We hosted our first Death Cafe Hyde meeting on Tuesday. 

Considering Death Cafe is a fairly new idea to Hyde and Tameside, we did not really know what to expect…
We had advertised in all the local community groups for a month or so via social media channels, even stretching out of the area to Chorlton where there was previously a very active Death Cafe. All the social media advertisement seemed to gain good, positive reactions. 
We prepared for Death Cafe on the 31st buying a mass of cake and wine and were promptly set up for 6:30pm. 
Initially, just 2 other members of staff from our general place of business attended but had to leave around 7:30pm. 
As we were about to pack up and call it an early night, a lady arrived, apologising for her lateness but grateful she had managed to get there. 
We sat and chatted about our life experiences with her and why we all thought Death Cafe was a good movement to get people talking whilst eating the many cakes on display. We ended up sat for an extra 40 minutes after the closing time of 9pm, losing track of time in great conversation about our personal thoughts and takes on death and how it’s affected us throughout our lives. 
We all left on a positive note, with a feeling that it definitely wasn’t a waste of time. 
We will organise another Death Cafe in the next couple of months (perhaps November 1st “Day of the dead”) and try again.

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