Virtual Death Cafe by the Bay_June 2021

8 June 2021 - Virtual DC. We shared our experiences about ‘being present’, the importance of demystifying death and dying and

normalising it; how we are curious about Death Cafes and also about engaging in the space; the language and the communication ski

lls that we can use to engage in this interesting area; and that it is often a relief for someone to have the opportunity to have these

discussions which can create an avenue for story-telling and rituals; that health professionals aren’t always skilled at having these

conversations (some more than others). We all are as ‘qualified’ as each other to potentially talk about death and dying as we are all

going to die (or know someone who has died) * This is a really good.

Also that there was some sharing of near death experiences (NDE) and a local group, Afterlife Discussions was mentioned that relates

to this area; that the spirit, the soul, that some of us believe that the body is a vessel for this life; and that there is more to life beyond

this physical life. And how the dead let us know they are still ‘there’. Some tools we can use and things we can say to engage a person

into having these important conversations; that 100% of us are going to die, yet many people do not think about their own mortality and

often it is only when some health crisis or death occurs that it can make us face this reality (at least for many). How to talk about death

and dying with children (and that includes adult children); and the importance of recognising that miscarriage and other baby deaths

needs more rigour and support for those experiencing the grief and loss from this death. That the importance in engaging in

conversations before you get sick; or a crisis/event happens and some really interesting and creative ways to engage our friends and

family in this space. That the difference in how we might respond in our professional lives vs our personal lives when it comes to death

and dying; and . The huge impact of sudden/unexpected and traumatic deaths. How grief can be cumulative; how grief can feel

“enormous”;  how reflecting on our own mortality and the impact of our own death on others ~ and how to lessen the blow to those we love. That sometimes a person may prefer to write down their thoughts ~ “The Five Languages of Love”. The power of rituals and

ceremony and how rituals can help us “hold space”. The death of a loved one and the impact of regrets and how to minimise regrets. And some pearls were "when we speak from the heart, the soul tunes in".."I didn't know what to say...but spoke my own truth" and "we

are all human...trying our best". Peace and love x Jacqui   

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