Death Cafe ~ by the bay March 2021

Another international group of wonderful people who shared their experiences so openly. I am always inspired to facilitate these events because we all share and learn so much! At this event look at what we covered in 1.5 hrs!!!!! Amazing !!! 

Afterlife Discussions (YouTube)

Netflix - Surviving Death

What happens after we die (Sarah Kerr)

TED talk - I see dead people : dreams and visions of the dying 

Atul Gawande's book and video Being Mortel

The Little Soul in the Sun

Dancing in the Dark book 

The Nurmber one queston about the afterlife and reincarnation - Suzanne Giesemann

COVID-19 and rejoicing when people's health turns positive 

The Bottom Drawer Book

What matter's most - dying to talk resources

Your Life Talks

Natural Death Advocacy Network

Body Disposal : Recompose (USA) and Resomation (water cremation) 

  • 'being present'
  • about the privilege of being in the space with someone who is dying (and sometimes the challenges)
  • the importance of demystifying death and dying and normalising it
  • how we are curious about Death Cafes and also about things we don't know i.e. what happens to us before and after death, the paranormal, near death experiences
  • some tools we can use and things we can say to engage a person into having these important conversations;
  • about choices, self responsiblity and taking some control
  • and that Australian jokes are - well they are Aussie jokes and a bit of fun to finish the night/morning with 

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