Death Cafe ~ by the bay February 2021

Small international group but always interesting people attending this Death Cafe ... some of the topics discussed

related to conversation starters to engage those we love in having these important conversations. And thinking of

them as "important" conversations rather than labelling them "difficult conversations".

We spoke of funeral rituals and their importance and a funky bluetooth item called ModURN; mentioning The Kindnes

Pandemic on Facebook - engaging in positive stories; sharing with families about what is important with a special

mention of Christmas time and how to have the Xmas you always wanted; and sharing fondest memories (the 'gifts'

of love) and how one lovely lady had young children and was starting their own family traditions to hand down

through the generations; mentioned EOLD Sarah Kerr from Calgary, Canada and the work she does; spoke of the

excellent work hospices do; sharing of info about books like The Five Invitations; The Things You Would Have Said;

The Bottom Drawer Book. And also about conversation starter cards such as Your Life Talks; Dying to Talk; The Death

Deck. Always a stimulating wonderful experience 

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