Virtual Death Cafe Brisbane & Redlands

Sept 2020

11 attendees from across Australia and internationally. Great discussions around demystifying death, the importance of increasing our community's death literacy; learning the art of celebrating life and that death is part of life. And an interesting two new themes - one on death related to domestic violence and the importance of counsellors being comfortable to talk about death; and also how to education financial planners who engage with persons who have been just diagnosed with a life limiting condition; or are nearing end of life and have a terminal diagnosis - and better understanding the range of emotions and choices that may influence how people save/spend their money. We heard from one person who had attended the previous Death Cafe; and shared this experience with 2 girlfriends who then went on to talk about death and dying from a personal context (positiviely and proactively). We chatted about Emotional Wills and Ethical Wills; How the Dutch younger persons are more comfortable with death and ying. We mentioned the Thresehold Choirs that sing to dying persons; and spoke about what makes for a 'good death'. A really rigorous, deep, insightful, ecclectic Death Cafe. Full of interesting people and discussions 

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