Virtual Death Cafe Brisbane & Redlands

November 2020

A small intimate group of 6 of us - connecting virtually across 2 states of Australia. No international attendees this time. We spoke about euphemisms and that a few of us believed that using the words that the bereaved person was most comfortable about was 'good enough' with one example of how a family had told me (as their Funeral Celebrant) to please not use the word "died" but instead "passed away" in one section of the ceremony. They felt it was 'softer' and less raw for them. We had attendees who were pastoral care, support worker residential aged care, End of Life Doulas, pall care volunteers. Spoke about pall care training needed and available for aged care; death literacy - the importance of; about the Groundswell movement and Compassionate Communities; and about interesting books and movies about death, dying, grief - some serious, some humourous. A dynamic little group with a wealth of knowledge. 


Virtual Death Cafe Brisbane & Redlands

This write up was for the Virtual 12/9/20 Death Cafe

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