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A write up of Cletwr Death Cafe

By NicolaDunkley

So, first I confess that I never got round to writing up the Death Caf of 25 March and I seem not to have posted the one we just held on 11 November 2019 at Cletwr Cafe.  I promise to try and do better in future!

So for the most recent cafe, we had 8 people turn up, all completely new to the idea. Four were happy to complete evaluations. 

Overall rating for the event was 5/5. And people commented: Really informative and excellent energy; very welcoming; very interesting; really thought provoking and interesting discussion.

Would you say that attending this event affected your feelings about death and/or life? Yes, I was confronted by a question that forced me to think and face my resistances; It challenged my perception and I have made new choices; Yes, just felt more positive; It's all a continuous leaning curve.

How comfortable did you feel during the Death Café - 5=v comfortable, 1= v uncomfortable. All said 5; The tea and cake helped and everyone was warm and welcoming

How well did the structure of the discussion work ?(which was in this case - you can talk about whatever you like as long as it's death-related and we tried to make sure everyone had a chance to speak) Again, all 5s.  It was easy and led by the interests of the participants; keep up the amazing work; everyone spoke and wa very engaging.

How would you rate the facilitation of the event? All 5s. Likewise all 5s for the tea and cake, plus the comment: tea was lovely

When asked to choose 3 words to describe the event, these were what was offered: interesting, stimulating, warming, thought-provoking, challenging, meaningful, honest,  comfortable, teeeaaa! enlightening, eye-opening, friendly

If someone told you they were thinking of attending a death café what would you say to them? Definitely go! It is excellent and people are very welcoming. Enjoy exploring a subject that is very much hidden. You'll find it interesting...

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