A write up of Death Cafe in Zarautz

By amaiartze

Last 5th November we celebrated the 13th Death Cafe in Zarautz. 12 people took part in it: 11 women and one man. We talked about the following issues:

Adults are afraid to talk about illness and death to children and they hide these to them. Is it necessary to educate them in these matters and is it even healthy to cry before them?

·In the pass (50 years ago, more or less) there was the custom of going to see dead people in our country.

·Religion gives hope to people. Those who live out of religion don’t have this support.

·Two women had the experience to accompany their mothers with Alzheimer. Both of them agree than these people are aware of all the events around. Emotions maintain until the end.

·One person shared a near death experience lived some years ago. She felt a very big peace.

·Another person told that her husband had an accident and he saw his mother with opened arms, ready to receive him.

·A lot of people feel their dead relatives.

·Sometimes, when the suffering of the family is so big, they want their ill relative to die. This makes people in this situation feel bad.

It’s indispensable to live well for dying well. It’s important to close all the pending matters to live and to die in peace.

Thank you to all the participants.

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