Writeup for Chambana Death Cafe August 31, 2019

We met at Unity Church and Spiritual Center. There were ten of us and a few people who were new to the conversation.

We talked about green burials and places like Circle Santtuary to bury people who are Pagan. We talked about the utility of buying books that were fill in the blank for our care after death.

People discussed what can be done with ashes whether or not they are scattered on land and water or made into diamonds. One person brought up the idea that a box of cremains spilled at home and w geneally agreed that people can hold onto cremains too long and it creates problems. Or, that remaining family will fight over them.

Deb told a story about her mother's funeral. She was Jewish. She and her mom were both clowns. She buried mom in her clown costume and regular make up and how this disturbed the rabbi who was performing the service. 

We discussed that there are more ways to talk about death with the sky or recently bereaved, like books. 

It was a lively group. 

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