Death Cafe in Colliers Wood - 23 June 2019

Five of us attended the June meeting of CWDC including two people who had not joined us before.  We shared a Coffee and Walnut cake.  

Themes to emerge from our discussion:

How well, or badly, do we deal with death?
Different cultural perspectives and practices.

How do we prepare for death, and how might this influence or affect how we grieve?

How do we mark our relationships with the dead?  Visiting a loved one's grave.

How do we start these conversations?  Setting an example perhaps more effective in certain situations.  Getting our own houses in order.  Where are we with our own preparation?
What does an executor do?  Where can we obtain this information?

DNACPR - hospital policies vs. individual wishes
Choosing an executor and the impact this can have on sibling relationships - the value/importance of expressing a rationale behind a decision

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