Posted by Cecilia H

Colliers Wood Death Cafe

Hosted by Cecilia H.


June 23, 2019

Start time:

5:00 p.m. (GMT)

End time:

6:30 p.m. (GMT)


Coffee in the Wood

99 - 101 High Street

Colliers Wood



SW19 2JF

United Kingdom



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About this Death Cafe

The Death Cafe is not a grief support group or end-of-life planning session, but rather an informal space in which to explore your own thoughts and feelings in relation to all things death and dying.

It's not a debate chamber, either.  Everyone's thoughts and beliefs are welcome and afforded equal space and respect.  This promotes authenticity and honesty among strangers who come together with a simple common purpose - to bring these important topics into the open, and to dismantle the taboos with which they are so often shrouded.
Discussing death helps us make the most of our (finite) lives...

Death Cafes provide community members of any background, religion, culture or belief with the opportunity to meet in a safe, friendly, and relaxed environment to discuss thoughts, feelings, and experiences with death and dying - without the awkwardness often associated with this topic. 

Those who have studied attitudes toward death say that for most people, such conversations are healthy; talking about death can ease fears and help us live more fully.
The group is focused on talking about death as a way to enhance the lives we live everyday.  
We will not have an agenda to follow - the topics are brought by any group members who have something to share or ask.  

When you arrive at Death Cafe, we have just two questions for you: What is your name, and why did you choose to come along today?  You can choose to participate by speaking, or just by listening to what others have to say.

We look forward to having you join us!
Venue generously provided by Coffee in the Wood.

Refreshments available.  Please feel free to bring and share!

About Cecilia H.

Cecilia is a psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher with a particular interest in the losses we all face, and extensive experience of working with those facing death - either their own or of a loved one.


Alongside her therapy practice, Cecilia is training to become a soul midwife or end of life doula - to accompany those at the end of their life and those around them.


Cecilia is passionate about creating an environment in which talking about death is natural and comfortable. 


She believes that talking openly about death, dying and bereavement can help us to accept the reality of our immortality as part of life, and ease some of the fears we all face.  


Her goal is to help people embrace life, live more fully in the present, and honour death by providing a safe environment in which meaningful conversations may take place.


"We live knowing that everything dies.  Like the sun, it's a fact of life.  And like the sun, we tend not to look directly at it.  This opportunity to look death in the face is worth taking."

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