New people, new experiences, warmth & sharing

Ten wonderfully diverse people met up on 13th June on a crisp cool Brisbane evening night... a mixture of ages, genders, interests and life experiences - which blended so well and left people enthused to continue talking about how death and dying are part of life; and how it has affected their lives. How we all need to talk about it. Plan proactively for it. And learn from it. 

As always the topics were wide ranging and included discussions about unexpected and expected deaths and their profound impact upon our lives. Death when young... death when older. The impact of grief and loss not only for the dying person but for the family and friends left behind. Suicide and how that affects us. Multiple deaths = multiple losses = cumulative grief. How we can preparing for death and increasing our death literacy around funeral options and choices. How culture can influence discussions and experiences. The role of an End of Life Doula in supporting conversations and preparation. Autopsies. Living wakes. Good death versus bad death. How come we don't talk about death (not just in Australia but in other countries)? Human composting. Aquamation (alkaline hydrolysis). What services can support dying at home? Increasing knowledge about end of life - talking, watching videos, TV. Do you fear death more as you are getting older? 

The absolute diversity of conversation over 2 hours was amazing. 

Thank you to everyone for your sharing, trust, respectful conversations and enthusiasm! Let's keep sharing and having these conversations .. Jacqui 



Hi I'm looking for a death cafe close to Caboolture area. Is there one available ?
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Posted by Therese Brandon

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