11th Death Cafe in Zarautz

A write up of Death Cafe in Zarautz

By amaiartze

We met 13 people, 9 women and 4 men. It was the first time for some of them, others repeated the experience. All of them came ready to hear and share their experiences about death.

A man shared with the attendees a near death experience he lived 12 years ago. Nevertheless most of the stories are related with mourning experiences. They invite us to live the present moment with more consciousness and to take an active role in our lives, instead a victim.

They spoke about the importance of not to judge and the necessity of changing the social criticism because it increases the suffering.

They said than the education system should assume an important responsibility in the raising awareness about death as a part of life.  

And after two hours of nice conversation we said goodbye, sure that we will meet again.

Thank you all the attendees for this enriching experience!

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