May 18, 2019

Crystal and I were very pleased to have the Visalia Times Delta Newspaper focus our efforts in their Inspire Section informing the community about our upcoming Death Cafe alongside another article explaining WHAT a Death Cafe is and how it got started--very helpful.

We had SIX new people at this week's cafe, and others who have expressed interest. Our discussion was lively, informative, and at times, tender. I asked permission from one of the ladies to share the following story:


Great group of women and men with meaningful and interesting discussion about topics surrounding End-of-Life (EOL). I want to share just one story I thought was touching;) A woman lost her husband suddenly. He was a business man who owned his own shop. She said he saved EVERY manual for everything he had purchased for his shop over the years. When she went through them after he died she found all the cards he had been given over time from her and I'm sure other family members tucked away inside his manuals;) Ahh, the Tenderness of Life in one little story told by a still grieving widow asking herself: what? Why? and Oh God, How!!?? She said she wouuld be interested in attending our Death Cafe again;) I hope to see her again too...

It does my heart good to hear stories like this, and I hope everyone can see the benefit of sharing our death stories like this as we grieve and heal our losses.

Once again we went around the circle and asked about our first experience with death, and once again, it was insightful for the talker and the listeners. 

Visalia, our cafes have been scheduled through the remainder of this year @ CSL-Visalia;) We are grateful for the space. PLEASE NOTE: Enter the building from the parking garage side; the door is blue and will be opened until start time of 1 PM. Handicap accessibility through the front doors is best.  

Thank you , and I hope to see you there!!

Laurie Kathleen

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