Visalia Death Cafe

Our small group gathered around one table enjoying the peach tea, 5 layer chocolate brownies, and fresh strawberries. The bakery gave permission to use their card for our picture here, and said in the future, they could make skull cookies or a decadente rich chocolate cake! 

Someone brought a book with CDs to share, "Graceful Passages, A Companion for Living and Dying" We will pass it around for the group to enjoy. 

Our conversations varied, but I think the sharing our first experiences with death and how it changed our lives was interesting. Our early losses in childhood left lasting effects on all of us and it was nice to have a space where those stories could be told. 

Sue Januko played the piano setting a lovely tone with her last piece giving us the words to, "On a Clear Day": On a clear day; Rise and look around you; and you'll see who your are; On a clear day, How it will astound you that the glow of your being ourshines every star; you feel part of every mountain, sea, and shore. You can hear from far and near a world you've never heard before. And on a clear day, on that clear day, you can see forever and ever more.

Our challenge for next month's Death Cafe is two tables, and maybe the next month three tables.

Please come join us 5/18/19 @ 1-3 PM Center for Spiritual Living Visalia

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