DEATH CAFE (2018-12-19)

A write up of Death Cafe in Zarautz

By amaiartze

12 people took part in December 19th Death Cafe (10 women and 2 men). The following points were addressed:

· The need of a different way t say good bye, beside Church.

· The importance of leaving the death as a process.

· The sensation that death doesn’t exist, that death people are with us and we can feel them, while we remember them.

· The way that previous Death Cafes are helping people to live the last days of their relatives.

· When a relative dies, different rolls in the family change.

· When we lose the parents, we remain orphan.

· The importance of showing and include children in illness, suffering and death process in the family.

· We have the right to express different emotions, even if they aren’t considered positives by society.

· Very often the condolences offered by people are painful.

· Some people received signals from their death relatives.

· One person went to a medium in order to receive information about her relatives.

· Death is a transformation, a conscience change.

· The participants of the Death Cafe were happy and soothed. They showed their interest in participate again. It was a sweet experience.

Thanks to all the attendees for your presence!

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