County Durham Death Cafe

This Death Cafe was held in the 'snug' of a beautiful, cosy coffee shop whose homely ambience felt just right for our small group.

We had our own space, and our pre-ordered cakes, scones and drinks were served to us for our mid-point break.

I had eight attendees, and only one 'no show'. The cafe owner said a couple of his regulars may be attending, but they didn't. This was good, as I had stressed on publicity posters that booking was essential.

As I was facilitating alone in a small space it was important for me to have contact with everyone beforehand.

The chat flowed easily, and we covered topics including photographs on headstones, extreme embalming, home (DIY) funerals, why we handed over the care of our dead loved ones to the funeral industry, multi-purpose coffins, coffin designs and more!

I felt we had a coming together of very special people, including several first-timers. The feedback indicated that everyone found the afternoon extremely informative and enjoyable.

Suggestions for improvements were that everyone arrived at the same time (not possible on this occasion due to work commitments), and a larger group. 

I felt the small group, around one table worked well for me as a first-time sole facilitator.  I chose the small, intimate setting in order to keep the event manageable, and it turned out to be just right.

If I facilitate at a larger venue in future, I would need help in both hosting and promotion in order to ensure appropriate attendance numbers.

A lovely, positive and privileged experience. I'm grateful to everyone involved.

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