Death Cafe in ZARAUTZ

A write up of Death Cafe ZARAUTZ

By amaiartze

Date: 30th May

Place: Hotel Alameda. ZARAUTZ (Basque Country)

Organized by: Zarautz, Herri Zaintzailea


It was the fifth time we offered the opportunity to join around a coffee to speak about death. 13 people participated in it, only two of them men.


The different points of view about the death were large and rich:


· Children, and their naturalness and innocence, and the overprotective attitude of adults around the death

·  Within the couple 

·   The coldness of hospitals

·   The value of a hug

·   The role of Church, the soul, the spirit, the reincarnation, the acceptation

· How long we must support suffering?  

· Suffering without sense  

· The responsibility to transmit well your wishes 

·   The difficulty to tell a parent that she or he is dying

· Fear to being a nuisance    

·   Euthanasia and suicide

·   The importance of sense of humour in transcendental conversations

 ·   The wish to lend a good sentimental legacy


The conclusions of the meeting were:


·   It’s an interesting experience

·   Multiple issues appeared

·   People liked the sense of humour there was

·   The big respect that was between the participants

·   The wish to continue going in depth about the theme


Thanks to all people that participated in the Death Cafe!



Anjel & Amaia

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