Death Cafe Zarautz

In this fourth edition in our city 17 people attended to the invitation. As in previous opportunities, most of them were women (13).

Some different approaches about death appeared:

· No acceptance: incomprehension of death, rejection to loss, “I don’t want to think”, “I don’t want to die”.

· Questions: about great beyond, about how to confront the farewell when there is a fight for remaining, the fear of what is to come.

· Decision about the own death: suicide and freedom.

· Positivity: illness as a learning tool, for opening, for developing the willingness to live thoroughly without so many limitations.

· Hope: near death experiences, the belief that there is something else beyond what we see.


Most of the people in the Death Cafe expressed their impressions and they specially took the participants in living family experiences related with dying processes.  

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