October Death Cafe Write Up

Eighteen people came out in October.  Most were new attendees and the mean age was about 45.  It was a very special night, as Death Cafes seem to be.  People voiced coming for a variety of reasons including:  to help them get motivated to get their affairs in order, for the opportunity to learn and understand, for the chance to share their experiences, and to help themselves come to terms with their limited time.  They left expressing gratitude for the experience, for the real and raw content, and for the privilege to bear witness to others.  Someone said they were surprised at how comfortable it was and another said they were leaving with a sense of loss.  Still others said they wished they had known about it earlier as there were so few opportunities to talk this honestly about death.  As usual, we are so grateful to be able to offer this space to the community and are looking forward to November's Death Cafe.

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