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About North Coast EOL Collective:



Creating community by connecting people, resources, and experiences to educate and support a holistic approach to end-of-life for individuals and families living on the north coast.



What brings you to Death Cafe?


  • Acceptance - to be a container for the joy, suffering, and uncertainty of each person’s lived experience and relationship with death and dying.


  • Belonging - person-centered, inclusive, equitable.  Each person has a unique lived experience and story within our shared humanity.


  • Connection - with a servant’s heart to listen, bear witness to, and hold the story of each individual and family as a unique and integral part of our shared humanity and sense of place.


  • Legacy - the invitation to create beauty and meaning from our lived experience and story.

What would you like your legacy to be?

Collective Story

Once strangers, our personal and professional lives came together through a shared passion for the profound experiences attached to death and dying. We identified how essential it is for the conversations to begin intentionally, thoughtfully, and sooner. We value the generational wisdom in our work together and believe in a collective responsibility to the community.  We believe one person's suffering is all our suffering and recognize this as a sacred and humble calling to service.  


The collective is part of an integrative and co-generational approach to death and dying. Individually or within groups, the North Coast EOL Collective offers resources and education to those curious about or wanting agency over their end-of-life experience. We are committed to creating a culture of openness and acceptance, challenging taboos and fears through conversation, education, questioning, and listening well. We offer virtual and in-person experiences where individuals are safe sharing their stories and being heard and seen. A space and place for people to grieve, process, and find their bearings. A space for people to be supported and comforted, respected and honored, and most importantly, connected. 


Personally and professionally,  we know conversations, connection, and learning about death and dying can improve the quality of one’s life and create a sense of community around a profound experience we all share. The work and offerings hold space for our shared humanity and awareness that we are all “walking each other home.” (Ram Dass & Mirabai Bush)


Our practice is based on the belief that the North Coast EOL Collective has a shared responsibility to the community by making visible what is too often invisible.

Thoughts for sharing:


A Collective Approach to Death and Dying

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Applying the values of Acceptance, Belonging, Connection, and Legacy

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