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Location: Romania

About Mircea Lupescu:

I'm Romanian and British. I've lived in the UK for the past 10 years, I work in TV and am passionate about volunteering, building community and discussing big topics such as death.

What brings you to Death Cafe?

After participating in a few Death Cafes in London and online, I am amazed by how uplifting and positive the experience is. I think it's certainly helping me come to terms with my own mortality and that of my loved ones.

What would you like your legacy to be?

I hope to be able to leave this beautiful home of ours a little bit better than I found it. I think that touching the lives of many people in small ways can create a huge impact.

Thoughts for sharing:

In Bhutan, there is a saying that if you want a happy life, you should contemplate death five times a day. 

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Death Cafe: Death Cafe - Bucharest

Posted by Mircea Lupescu on Sept. 4, 2022, 8:11 a.m.

With Mircea Lupescu

Oct. 4, 2022, 6.30 p.m. - 8.30 p.m. (GMT+3)


Looking around on the Death Cafe website I noticed there are no Death Cafes currently in Romania. 

Last time I checked, people die in Romania as much as any other ...

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