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Location: Colombia

About Carmengloria:

I live my life like, each day is THE LAST ONE, so I give myself the joy and opportunity to do the very best to myself and anyone that crosses my path... There are so many tools for us to use, to understand the “whats, whys and wheres” of life. And, I am using all of them to enjoy each second of my apparently “finite life”... Here, at Death Café, I hope to be able to share all the knowledge I have acquire in my path, to enhance the life of others as well as mine...!!!

What brings you to Death Cafe?

What brought me to Death Cafe is the need that I had observe for clarity and understanding of the death concept, as we perceive it today... I am in contact with so many people that I know will greatly benefit by sharing their feelings, emotions and fears about death…

What would you like your legacy to be?

I would like my legacy to be; to install the CERTAINTY on each human being that we are not limited to our physical body... That we are A LOT more, and is our CHOICE, to consciously, design the life style we want to live, based on the experiences we want to learn. AWAKE THE CONSIOUS CHOICES, IN OUR DAILY EXPERIENCE...!!!

Thoughts for sharing:

We are dying and resuscitating everyday on an unconscious level... The moment that we accept and understand that fact consciously, we will be free of fear and anxiety about death, since we are ETERNAL in spirit. EVERYTHING is TEMPORARY, this too shall pass…!!!

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New Blog post: Vida detrás de la Muerte

Posted by Carmengloria on March 2, 2020, 7:24 p.m.

Son muchas las veces que vemos algo y nuestra percepcion selectiva nos oculta muchos detalles que tienen gran relevancia y que a simple vista no observamoc... Aqui vemos un cementerio, pero cuantos vieron las hermosas flores y las juguetonas abejitas que estan a su alrededor... A esto le llamo OBSERVACION CONCIENTE...!!! Que mas puedes tu observar...?

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