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Since 1987 I have worked in the field of Social Work, being among the very first Indiana certified social workers in 1993, and the first Indiana licensed social workers in 1998. In my long career I have walked with those in Hospice diagnosed with life-limiting illnesses, their grieving families, those afflicted with Alzheimer’s and cognitive impairments, as well as those with intellectual challenges.

I was ordained in 2003 by the Universal Life Church and in 2019, I was called to pursue training and certification as an End Of Life Doula, through Lifespan Doulas in Ann Arbor, MI.

In my work as a social worker, I discovered my gift for holistic healing when I learned Therapeutic Touch as a method to assist Hospice patients with pain relief. I later received certifications in Therapeutic Touch and Reiki, then combined this with my knowledge of crystals, QiGong, intuitive healing and meditation to develop a system I calls Eclectic Energy™.

Treating the mind, body and spirit as a cohesive unit rather than three divisions, I facilitate healing in those who are suffering. Because of this transformative work with the elements of life I have come to be known as “Jade”.

I have studied Qi in many modalities over the course of three decades and puts my lifetime of study, experience and expertise to work in an uniquely authentic protocol. I have combined the best of traditional psychosocial approaches with Eastern philosophy and ancient metaphysics to create a truly individual therapeutic experience to those living, dying and grieving.


I am the mother of one grown daughter and live in Waterford, MI with my husband and our three dogs.


What brings you to Death Cafe?


I was always the 'weirdo' growing up, because death was always a part of my consciousness. This is because my first memory, at three years old, is walking in to find my beloved father in a pile of sheets on the floor. I tried desperately to wake him up. I remember it as clearly as anything else in my life. 

Talking about death has always been something I was comfortable with, but finding kindred spirits in this has been somewhat of a challenge. 

I have taken my personal and professional experiences with death as tools to forge this new frontier of end of life doula. Participating in death cafes is just a natural next step! 


What would you like your legacy to be?


I don't know. What I do know is that at my funeral I would like the consensus to be that all lives were better for my being a part of their journeys. I like to leave people and places better than I found them. 


Thoughts for sharing:


This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real. Then death comes like dawn and you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief. Rumi


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I think it is about time we start talking about death out in the open. I believe life is so much richer when we embrace death as our constant companion. 


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