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Location: Canada

About RachelM:

Community deathcare practitioner, death doula in-training.  Home funeral guide.

I approach dying and death with an intersection awareness and affirming LGBTQ identities and experiences.

Living authentically, dying authentically.

Family is defined by love, not by blood.



What brings you to Death Cafe?

To empower people to engage with dying and death in a collaborative learning experience:  from each other!

To break down death denial culture and enable people to have constructive discussions with themselves...and others.

I anticipate developing a home funeral guide and death doula practice to support the dying and their loved ones.  I also serve dying pets and their loved ones.

Buddhist framework and approaches to dying and death reflect my own practices. 

Thoughts for sharing:

Thich Naht Hanh:

The Buddha's Five Remembrances.

I am of the nature to grow old.
There is no way to escape growing old.

I am of the nature to have ill health.
There is no way to escape ill health.

I am of the nature to die.
There is no way to escape death.

All that is dear to me and everyone I love
are the nature to change.

There is no way to escape
being separated from them.

My actions are my only true belongings.
I cannot escape the consequences of my actions.

My actions are the ground upon which I stand.


Form is emptiness, emptiness is form - Heart Sutra


gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā!

gone, gone, everyone gone to the other shore, awakening, svaha! - Heart Sutra

RachelM's posts on the Death Cafe website

Death Cafe: Sanderson Library Death Cafe

Posted by RachelM on May 6, 2019, 6:16 p.m.

With Danielle L and Rachel M

June 6, 2019, 6.00 p.m. - 8.00 p.m. (Eastern )


Talking about death won't kill you.

Join community deathcare practitioners, Danielle and Rachel, in open discussions around dying and death. 

Death Cafes have no set agenda.  Participants may find ...