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Hi . I'm a doctor who wants to make end of life better. By making it simple for people to do and to share their Advance Care Plan. I had no idea how important they are until I was working in the hospitals and saw so many people get treatment they did not want . But had lost the ability to say so.

I saw families torn apart by conflict, guilt, indecision. Spouses, children, best friends had to make decisions they were not equipped to make. And doctors cannot make those decisions for you.   A best guess of what someone would want usually means " let's just not any decision at all- so the patient  languishes.

Talk, plan, share your wishes.  Then go have a great life while you can!


Death cafes are great - we have to start talking, little by little 

So if you don;t make a deciions about what tou ant for your treatmet or care- who will



What would you like your legacy to be?

My children 

The smal kindnesses I have done for people.

The interest I take in others .

the times I have listened 



Thoughts for sharing:

Talking about death is like talking about sex. It's not easy but you start with the easy stuff.  Then a little more next time.. getting a bit  more 'intimate' each time, asking questions and sharing .  And it's life changing


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Posted by Merran Cooper on Feb. 21, 2019, 4:18 a.m.

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