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Location: United States

About Kelly:

I'm a member of The Dinner Party and The Order of the Good Death, have read Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, and have some experience here and there with death. The more I live, the more it creeps in and I would prefer to look at it than avert my gaze.

I am an artist, designer, project manager, reader, writer, apartment plant enthusiast, and (atheistic) Satanist.

What brings you to Death Cafe?

A fascination and various experiences with death.

What would you like your legacy to be?

Being bold. Embracing my eccentricities and encouraging others to love themselves.

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Death Cafe write up: North Dallas Death Cafe

Posted by Kelly on April 15, 2018, 10:13 a.m.

The inaugural North Dallas Death Cafe was lovely! In total, seven of us gathered on the brisk Saturday morning to sip tea, eat cake, and converse about death. Several attendees have dealt directly with death and loss, and it was interesting to see how people are each impacted differently by death. It was great getting to speak openly about these things and being in an environment that was comfortable and safe for broaching topics often considered uncomfortable and taboo.

We had a diverse group and it was really nice getting to hear others' philosophies on life and death. Our youngest attendee was 8 and offered wonderful contributions to ...

Death Cafe: North Dallas Death Cafe

Posted by Kelly on March 22, 2018, 9:03 p.m.

With Kelly

April 14, 2018, 9.00 a.m. - 11.00 a.m. (CST)

Small donations to offset cost of cake and supplies appreciated.

Come together over a piece of cake and a cup of tea to discuss death and it's myriad facets with like-minded individuals! This will be a casual conversation focused ...